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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sweet Find: Karina White Chocolate Crisp Bar

It´s the weekend and the sun in Holland is out!  People are in their summer best, and for once we can go out in shorts and shirts!  And so, to celebrate the summery weekend yesterday, I went out with a friend to  the city center.  We walked for hours, and crossed through  the Erasmus bridge which connects the suburban Rotterdam to the city center, the warm breeze fanning our laughters.   As always, the agenda was to tackle the essentials---dreams, game plans, all those important things you need to vent out once in a while with a trusted soul.

  Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam  ( image from stockfootage.com)                               

At ten PM, back at my house, alone again and satiated with laughter, with the sun still shining bright, I tuck myself in with a book, Ruth Reichl´s Tender to The Bone,  and break open my ultimate reward for the day,  a big 200 g bar of pure guilt.  And why not? What perfect way to cap a good day than something sweet, luxurious, and for those of us who are constantly on a quest to lose a few more pounds,  the forbidden.  One sweet, velvety, and happiness-inducing object of sin. 

German-made Karina White Chocolate Crisp in a big 200 g bar box   
Karina Chocolates is a German brand of chocolates that are available in most big groceries in Holland.  They come in hefty 200 g bars  and are so cheap considering the size.  This was my first time to try the white  chocolatevariant, but I was optimistic because I have tried the milk chocolate hazelnut variant a few months ago andwas pleasantly surprised how smooth and delicious and pronounced the hazelnut was, despite the low price.

So I rip open my white chocolate bar and the first sensation was a sweet comforting scent of...milk. The smell reminded me of a glass of Nido, the milk that most Filipino kids of my generation, drank at night to help us sleep.  Or at least that was what my mother told me to push me to drink it every night. 
Big blocks of not too sweet but perfectly creamy white chocolate
White and Rice Crispies 
 See the crisp layers?
 These bars are not too sweet yet very milky. And because of the generous amount of rice crispies,  the bar comes out crisp and creamy with each bite.  

It is not the most amazing white chocolate, but it fits perfectly as a weekend treat to cap my day.
Affordable,  readily available  and not sooo complicated-tasting.  Just sweet enough, comforting enough to be worth the guilt that comes a day after :-)

Size: 200 grams
Origin:  Germany
Availability:  Available in most supermarkets in Holland  (Hoogvliet, Albert Heijn, Dirk)
Price: 1 -1.5€ per bar

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