I´m the girl you see lingering at the grocery store, looking oh so happy at the aisles, reading through labels and picking items with a smile. Grocery stores are my kind of wonderland! Here are the goodies I´ve brought back from my trips to the grocery, because, really, good stuff are meant to be shared!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sweet Find: Karina White Chocolate Crisp Bar

It´s the weekend and the sun in Holland is out!  People are in their summer best, and for once we can go out in shorts and shirts!  And so, to celebrate the summery weekend yesterday, I went out with a friend to  the city center.  We walked for hours, and crossed through  the Erasmus bridge which connects the suburban Rotterdam to the city center, the warm breeze fanning our laughters.   As always, the agenda was to tackle the essentials---dreams, game plans, all those important things you need to vent out once in a while with a trusted soul.

  Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam  ( image from stockfootage.com)                               

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Cheap and Good: Prosciutto, Cheese Spread and a 5 kcal Drink for less than 300 Pesos

There is a misconception that Europe is expensive.  Well, sure if you eat out all the time, you´d most likely spend at least 10€ per meal.   But if you follow what the locals do,  you´ll be surprised how you can stretch your Euros. Let´s consider for example a hypothetical question:

What can you buy for 6€ (about 300 Philippine Pesos)?

Well, today after work, I went shopping for tomorrow´s packed lunch.   These are what I bought for less than 6€ at my neighborhood grocery:

A pack of Prosciutto from Italy  (2€)

2 pieces of rustic bread rolls ( 0.30€ each)

A tub of this addicting cheese spread (0.80€)

These three ---prosciutto, bread, and cheese ---- went into the making of tomorrow´s lunch:

 Mmmmm,  I can´t get enough of this delicious and super smooth cheese spread from Tenery.

A slice of rich, smokey Italian prosciutto adds a touch of indulgence  to my simple cheese spread sandwiches.

I also bought Teissere Fruit Syrup for 2€

How do you use Teisseire Fruit Syrup?

First get a container of ice cold water .

Get your magic syrup, squirt and Voila!

You get a refreshing glass of flavored water with the unmistakable yet subtle taste of green apple and blackberries! Each squirt of fruit syrup is pre-measured to flavor a 300 ml glass of water. And because each squirt (and therefore each glass) contains only 5 kcalories,  this is my current alternative to cold fruit juices and sodas.   The fruit syrup is also small and ultra-handy, small enough to drop in my hand bag.

Two prosciutto cheese sandwiches, 20 servings of flavored water, plus enough leftover prosciutto and cheese for four more sandwiches for less than 6€.  Cheap, yes, and definitely good eats too!