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Monday, 27 April 2015

Worth Buying: Amicelli Chocolate Hazelnut Creme Sticks

I often see these classy-looking hexagonal boxes of chocolates in big groceries in the Netherlands but I was only tempted to buy this weekend because I find it a little expensive.  A small 200g box of Amicelli costs the same as a family pack of Bounty bars or Twix White bars.  I can buy 4 bars of Milka Chocolates for the price.  Just a little too pricey for me.  But last week was a particularly trying one and I needed a little indulgence, so on Saturday at the the grocery,  I caved in and bought my first  box of Amicelli.

Amicelli is made by Mars Europe.  Reviews have called it the better, more indulgent version of Kinder Bueno.   Hmmm,  although both Amicelli and Kinder Bueno are filled with hazelnut creme, I don´t really agree with the comparison, because Kinder Bueno is geared for kids and youngsters with a very milky flavor.  It´s a little too sweet for me whereas Amicelli is less sweet and is I think meant for older, more, ehem, discriminating tastes.

 A box of Amicelli contains 16 individually wrapped Amicelli chocolate rolls

    Amicelli Chocolate Rolls

    The six inch long Amicelli Roll

   The Amicelli Roll

    The Amicelli layers:  a thin coating of  milky chocolate followed and thin wafer layer and  a heart      brimming with hazelnut creme
    It is certainly not difficult to pick up some Amicelli sticks!

    The layers of Amicelli Sticks

Allergy Alert:  Contains hazelnut creme, lactose, soya lecithin

Verdict: Delicious!  I have a love-hate attitude to Hazelnut creme products.  I hate Ferrero Rocher but I like Nutella.   Amicelli is on the love list. 

This is an indulgent treat. The sweetness grows on one´s palate, such that one stick is enough to satisfy me for the day.  Because of its somewhat delicate flavors, there is something classy about Amicelli.  This is not the kind of treat that you gobble up in one go!  It is more like the kind of secret vice that we place in our bags, something to help us through the rough day, a delicious chocolate helpline to buoy us over shitty days or  it can be our little reward for tasks done well.  This is the kind of chocolate a woman keeps to share with friends amidst heart-to-heart talks, or the kind we can share with our colleagues when we take a break from grown-up, we-need-to-solve-this dilemmas.

Of my box of 16 Amicelli sticks,  I still have 10.  Yeah, I ate 6  sticks in three days! I should reward myself for my willpower, yes?  Tomorrow, I´m going to the rest to the office tomorrow and share them with the team, some small sweet thing to rally us through another week of work.

Recommendation:  WORTH BUYING. If you find some Amicelli Sticks,  go buy!  They are perfect little chocolate bars for grown up chocolate lovers like us!  I think I´ll go buy a few more boxes as gifts to friends when I come home to the Philippines in September.  It´s classy and delicious and while not cheap, is reasonable enough to give to dear friends.

Availability: In big grocery stores in The Netherlands, Austria and Germany 

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