I´m the girl you see lingering at the grocery store, looking oh so happy at the aisles, reading through labels and picking items with a smile. Grocery stores are my kind of wonderland! Here are the goodies I´ve brought back from my trips to the grocery, because, really, good stuff are meant to be shared!

Sunday, 31 May 2015

What I Bought With My 20€ at the Marks and Spencer Food Hall

It´s June! And in a perfect world,  the sun shines with exuberance as we transition from spring to summer.   But  I am told that that summer does not really come to Holland.  And so, maybe that is why,  despite our best hopes,  it rained over the weekend.  To be honest, it isn´t as terrible nor as dreary as  London´s rainy weather.  Sure, the skies go from ochre to grey to muddy throughout the day, the streets are wet and the air misty with tiny water jets. But it´s not too bad, it´s the perfect weather to loll around in bed, read books, watch movies, and let my secret sloth have her day.

But I had to go to The Hague today, despite the bed weather, for an important errand.  It took me an hour and a half of travel,  but the errand itself in The Hague, I completed in less than ten minutes. I figured, I´ll do a bit of window shopping to pass the time before traveling back to Rotterdam so I walked around, checked out stuff at Zara ( OMG! So expensive! I need to make another trip to Madrid to have my fill of my favourite Spanish brands! ).  I also went inside Primark and H&M but came out empty handed.

But what really made me happy today was discovering the big, badass Marks & Spencer store in Den Haag with a big food hall. Ah, it  was a slice of British food heaven!

                                      Image from www.coconutsnl.wordpress.com

Surprisingly,  the prices of the goodies at M&S Netherlands are reasonable.  Sometimes, even cheaper than the prices of comparable items at the grocery shops.  I  just wanted to buy a pack of the  M&S lemon and white chocolate muffins that a friend brought last week on our road trip to Germany, but all the goodies on display looked scrumptious so I was panicking because, being a grocery hoarder,  I wanted to buy soooo many things!  Sadly, though the spirit was willing and my wallet is poor haha!  So I talked myself a 20€ budget for today´s  M&S food spree.

Here´s what I got for less than 20€ from M&S:

2 bagfuls of goodies for less than 20€

1 Tub of Extremely Chocolatey Honeycomb Mini Bites, 1 Tub of Oatberry Cluster Mini Bites. On sale. 2 tubs for 5.5€

    Pack of 8 Lemon and White Chocolate Mini Muffins, 2.30€

Teriyaki Beef Salad Bites for my dinner.  On Sale for 2.25€

     Detox Tea  (Nettle, Dandelion & Milk Thistle). Pack of 20 teabags for only 1.55€.   What a steal!

   Roast Chicken Pie 3.30€ ,  Sausage Rolls on sale for only 0.75€

And lastly, my most impractical ¨not really cheap but I had to try it¨ buy:
A big 1L bottle of Lemon & Green Tea for a grand price of 2.55€.  It was good, but not something
I´ll pick up again. Unless of course it´s on sale!

So now I´m thinking, hmmm, perhaps I should schedule a once a month trip to  Den Haag.  Perhaps  meet with friends who are based there,  have a breather from good old Rotterdam, and have my fill of M&S goodies :-)

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